Witnesses to acts of gun violence: The impact of gun violence extends beyond those killed or injured to include those whose stories are not typically part of the media narrative. People present during a shooting, children growing up surrounded by gun violence, police officers and first responders, clergy, etc. often bear the weight of vicarious trauma.


As a prosecutor in Indianapolis, Ross feels that the “weight of human misery” he witnesses day in and day out is often too much to bear.

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As a chaplain at a major medical center, Eric has seen over 100 gunshot injuries. He channels his vicarious trauma into writing poetry.

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Speaking about community gun violence, Ranisha says, “You take a life every time and people get scared of the world if they’re not safe.”

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“What people don’t know is the gun violence is used today because of hatred. People hate on their own race. You can’t never have something everybody wants because someone is going to be plotting on you.”

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“A lot of my family members died because of gun violence.”

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When one of Eric’s parolees commit a violation, he questions what he - as an “armed social worker” - could’ve done differently.

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This woman was attending a vigil outside of Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL. "My daughter came out to me when she was 15... and my best worst fear for her was that people would be unkind. My worst worst fear is this.”

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