Gun violence survivors: It’s estimated that - for every one gun death - there are three people who are physically injured by an act of gun violence. An unknowable number of people - injured by guns during school shootings, incidents of domestic abuse, and community violence - may face trauma that runs just as deep as physical injuries.


Two of John’s three children were present during the mass shooting at the Noblesville West Middle School. As a former Marine who fought in combat zones, he doesn’t want his kids to experience that trauma in school

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During a robbery, Atiff’s nephew was shot once and was killed. Atiff was shot 15 times and survived for several months before succumbing to his injuries.

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After experiencing a number of gun violence and domestic incidents over the years, Roz has channeled her trauma into action by helping those in the Kensignton section of Philadephia who suffer from opioid addiction. To date, she’s used Narcan to reverse over 160 overdoses.

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Jane believes that one of the hardest parts of getting through the trauma she’s experienced as a result of domestic abuse and the suicide by gun deaths of her husband and son, is realizing that she is deserving of a better life.

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Despite being a nonverbal quadriplegic, Dre dances and laughs a lot - which gives his family a semblance of peace.

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From feeding and bathing Dre to giving him medication and sitting by his bedside, Darius takes on responsibilities far greater than the average younger brother.

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“I’ll defend to the end that my son was in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. He asked me, “Mom, can I please go? My friends are going.”

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If not for two police officers performing a “scoop and run” and taking him to the Temple University trauma center, Ian would’ve died moments later. He has their names tattooed on his chest.

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Ryan, Marilyn’s son, was killed by the brother of his girlfriend. While the two families were enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, Ryan’s body was in the garage - rolled into a mattress

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Antonius will always claim that he “was in the right place at the right time” when he got caught between a shooter and his pregnant girlfriend.

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Luis will be the first to admit that he was making “grown man choices” at the age of only 14. Despite being all but paralyzed, he’s excited to provide his newborn son with the kind of positive male influence that he never experienced.

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On a New Years’ Eve many years ago, Joe was struck in the head by bullet that was shot as part of “celebratory gunfire. After undergoing multiple surgeries, the bullet remains… causing paralysis, double visions, and migraines.

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After being shot a number of times, Khyree doesn’t like to outside very much.

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On the night Clai was shot by her stepfather, her mother said “I think he’s really going to do it tonight” and then hid in the closet. Clai was 13 years olds.

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