Family members of gun violence victims: About 100 Americans are killed by guns every day - each loss permanently altering the lives of families and friends. These losses are made up of both high-profile stories as well the violence that occurs regularly throughout our towns and cities.


Judi and Wayne
Despite pressure on their part, the man who shot and killed Judi and Wayne's daughter has yet to be caught. All too many murder cases in Maine are left unsolved.

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Stephanie's four-year-old daughter was near her twin brother when she was struck and killed by a stray bullet fired on wide-open Federal land. Given the vast and completely unregulated area, it's impossible to locate the shooter.

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Their brother Troy was shot once during a robbery and was killed. Their uncle Atiff was shot 15 times and died several months afterwards from the related complications.

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“My daughter was not ‘lost’ or ‘taken’ by gun violence. She was murdered in in the mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, CO.”

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Her sister was murdered in a domestic violence incident - which the police incorrectly labeled a gun suicide - and Yvonne is still fighting for the truth.

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After her son Jordan was shot and killed at a gas station in Jacksonville, FL, by a man objecting to the music he was playing in his car, Lucy McBath became a fierce gun control activist. She recently ran for Congress in the GA 6th and was elected to the US House of Representatives.