Bulletproof backpacks: is this the word we want to live in?

At first glance, this is a charming photo of a father bringing his daughter to school. Which, it is, except he has equipped her with a Guard Dog Security Bullet Proof Backpack. Yes, this is a real thing. 

The photo is taken from Guard Dog Security’s Instagram profile. CEO Yasir Sheik says that the demand for the backpacks has gone up since the mass shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida:

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 5.59.23 PM.png

“We sold out six months worth of backpacks in a few days, so now, of course, we’ve stocked accordingly, and we’re prepared for anything, whether it’s a spike in sales or back to school.”

That’s right — this security company who’s goal is to “[provide] personal self defense, security and protection” is gearing up for back to school (Guard Dog Security).

I’m glad to see that a portion of the backpack sales goes to Make Our Schools Safe, a non-profit dedicated to protecting students and teachers at school. However, a bulletproof backpack shouldn’t have to be on anyone’s shopping list. Children and should not have to fear for their lives, or prepare for battle in the place where they go to learn (or anywhere else for that matter).