How About Us?

In the wake of repeated high-profile acts of horrific gun violence, there are some segments of the population that are completely forgotten - most notably, the approximately 80,000 Americans that are physically injured every year... let alone those psychologically injured, many of whom bear similar scars.


For context, mass shootings - while unimaginable to those not directly involved - represent a relatively small aspect of overall gun violence. Overwhelmingly, people are not being injured or killed by semi-automatic weapons in the hands of strangers but rather because a handgun was fired by someone they know.

Therefore, after spending the last four years photographing the friends and family members of gun violence victims, I'm turning my attention towards telling the stories of the overlooked. Towards the everyday instances of violence that leave people either debilitated, suffered from PTSD, or some combination of both.

Using longer-form documentary photography and filmmaking, I will shine a light on long-term impact of gun violence survivors. I will show what everyday life now means and communicate to the public that being injured means far more than a simple wound that heals - it is instead often the beginning of a long life of hardship. 

The goal is have people see the story of their family in the stories of others. I want them to connect on an emotional level so that, after the latest incident is out of the news cycle, they stay motivated to create meaningful change.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in sharing their story, please contact me.