Thoughts on suicide.

The suicide rate among men is 5x higher than the rate among women - and 3x higher for white men vs. Latino or African-American men.

People between the ages of 45 and 54 have the highest rate of suicide... almost double that of those between 15 and 24.

States such as Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, Alaska, and Utah have suicide rates that are almost double the national average while the rate of suicides in New York and New Jersey are approximately half the national average.

Approximately 85% of the instances where someone uses a gun to try to end their life do indeed result in death.

So... is this the collision of easy access to guns (and weak gun laws that create such easy access) with the impulsive nature of suicide and the stigma that men of a certain age might have towards seeking help for depression and other related issues?

I don’t know. Sounds like it to me. But thoughts?