Happy endings.

With so much sadness and tragedy around gun violence - from kids getting hold of unsecured guns and hurting themselves or someone else to the latest in a series of bad bills being pushed forward by an out-of-control lobbying group and a bought and paid for government - it's nice when there's a happy ending once in a while.


I first photographed Luis a couple of years ago. He was shot and all but paralyzed when he was a kid... and he'll be the first to tell you that he was making “grown man choices at 14”. He doesn't make excuses - it was the only environment he knew and it of course just seemed normal.

He always knew he wanted to be a dad. To have the opportunity to break the cycle, model good behavior, and be the positive role model that he never had for someone else. So, despite being treated for cancer simultaneously (!), he sought the help of modern medicine so that he and his girlfriend could have a child together.

They named him Prince - because they "want him to grow up to be a king."