SCOTUS turns down case on bad gun bill.

The Court ruled that states and localities can make their own determinations about who can carry a concealed handgun in public... which, in my mind, makes the idea of "concealed carry reciprocity" that much more difficult to become reality.

Some say a concealed carry permit should be like a drivers license... accepted wherever you travel. On the surface, this sounds like a very reasonable argument.

Difference is, however, the requirements to obtain a drivers license are - more or less - the same from state to state while the requirements to carry a concealed weapon vary widely. For example:

- 11 states require no training whatsoever
- 15 states allow permits to certain types of domestic abusers
- 22 states allow permits to convicted stalkers
- 15 states issue permits to people under 21 (18-to 20-year-olds commit gun homicides at a rate nearly four times higher than adults 21 and older)

Additionally, reciprocity would have allowed a person denied a permit **in his home state** to get an out-of-state permit and carry back at home.

A wise (and somewhat surprising!) decision by the Court.