Here’s where I stopped reading your article:

"Almost every gun control advocate I know hates guns and wants nothing to do with them. They are vaguely (or very) afraid of them, and believe that if they fire a gun or buy one, they will suddenly become a gun nut or turn evil."

I don’t hate guns — and neither do the scores of gun reform (not ‘control’) advocates who I know… nor are we afraid of the object itself. We instead hate how an out-of-control lobbying group, in a tandem with a Congress that’s on the take and drunk on power, fights to make it easy for guns to get into the hands of dangerous, irresponsible, and often troubled hands. We hate that they do this under the guise of freedom and patriotism when anyone whose eyes are even partially open can see that it’s solely for profit.

Further, the notion that there’s this fear that picking up a gun will suddenly transform an otherwise responsible, well-balanced person into an ‘evil gun nut’ is just silly. That being said, it is worth noting that a great many of the acts of gun violence we hear about in the news are perpetuated by people who were ‘good guys with guns’ right up until the moment that they weren’t.

To deny that easy access to guns creates the opportunity for a bad situation to turn deadly is either ignorant or willfully naive.