To bring It Takes Us to Indianapolis, we talked to over twenty people about their experiences with gun violence. Their stories varied from experiences with domestic violence, suicide, school shootings, and the unexpected “second hand smoke” that often gets overlooked in the gun violence conversation. We produced a series of still photographs and films documenting their experiences, allowing people to tell their stories without political goals or agenda.

We exhibited the work in a variety of venues including churches, galleries, theaters, libraries, and community centers, bringing the work to as many people as possible from all walks of life. There were over thirty prints and ten banners on display throughout Indianapolis from late September through mid November 2018. At each venue, we partnered with a local chapter of a leading gun violence prevention group to give attendees the option to take action after seeing the show.


The Martin Luther King Community Center

Noblesville City Hall

St. Paul’s On The Way

Phoenix Theatre

Circle City Industrial Center Schwitzer Gallery

Indianapolis Central Library