In addition to showing photographs and films documenting the survivors’ experiences, we situated these stories in the broader context of the American gun violence epidemic through panel discussions and presentations throughout Indianapolis. We curated a selection of discussions surrounding the topics brought up in the exhibitions. Partnering with local cultural and public institutions, we also facilitated a discussion with high school students, a talk about responding to gun violence through the arts, and discussion with a local faith group. We brought in experts on these topics, and spoke with survivors that were part of the exhibition to tell their stories first hand.

Artist Presentation at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

A presentation of photographs with discussion and Q&A.

University High School Purpose Discussion

A presentation to students of University High School about how Joe got involved in this project, first started taking photographs, and how students can channel their passion into purpose.

Suicide and Gun Access

Partnering with the Indianapolis Central Library, we led a discussion on the often overlooked topic of suicide and access to guns. We talked to professionals as well as survivors.

Untold Stories of Gun Violence

Hosted by the Phoenix Theatre, this discussion further explored the topic of the untold stories of gun violence and “second hand smoke” of people affected by gun violence in the Indianapolis community.

The Impact of Noblesville

A discussion about the recent shooting at Noblesville West Middle school, speaking about how it impacted the community with family members of students.

How the Art Scene is Responding to Gun Violence

In partnership with the Phoenix Theatre, there was a discussion exploring how the arts scene is engaging with the culture of gun violence in America.