Our goal is a simple one:
Start conversations in towns and cities where conversations need to be started.

Telling stories and starting conversations is at the heart of It Takes Us. It has always been important that the project encompass the full scope of the gun violence epidemic in America - reflecting the expansive and all-encompassing nature of the problem. We’re taking a deeper dive into the issue: going city by city to listen to residents’ stories, learn how gun violence has impacted their hometowns, and connect survivors with their neighbors to start conversations and explore how gun violence touches each of our communities uniquely.

We started this journey in Indianapolis, and plan to use this experience as a model for bringing the conversation to other American cities. It all starts with the stories - connecting with local survivors in Indianapolis, documenting their experiences through photography and film. Then we shared their experience with the community through a series of art exhibitions, film screenings, and panel discussions. We created promotional materials and a website to support the events and spread the word that It Takes Us was in town. 

Bring the conversation to your town.



We talked to more than twenty people in the greater Indianapolis community about how gun violence has impacted their lives, and documented their experiences through still photographs and films which were exhibited across the city.


We collaborated with schools and public institutions to create free public programming to engage with the Indianapolis community on topics most relevant to the work and that are often overlooked in the gun violence conversation.


We produced a series of creative assets to promote our events, including banners, bus ads, posters, postcards, website posts, boosted social posts, all driving to our website to learn more and RSVP to events, maximizing engagement.


We engaged directly with the community, partnering with over seven local organizations for support, to keep our events relevant, and to help start conversations and build lasting relationships.


We created a website to act as a home for all of our content. The promotional material drove to the website where people could learn more about events and RSVP. They could also learn more about the subjects and see the full body of work.