We seek to start conversations in towns and cities where conversations need to be started.

Telling stories and starting conversations is at the heart of It Takes Us: Stories of Gun Violence from Across America. From the beginning, the project has been about showing the full scope of the gun violence epidemic - diversity, both in terms of type of person impacted and the sort of incidents that impacted them.

We’re taking a deeper dive into the issue: going city by city to listen to residents’ stories, learn how gun violence has impacted their hometowns, and connect survivors with their neighbors to start conversations and explore how gun violence touches each of our communities uniquely.

We started this journey in Indianapolis, and plan to use this experience as a model for bringing the conversation to other American cities.

Photography and Film

We staged a series of exhibits in diverse locations throughout Indianapolis showcasing the stories of local people impacted by gun violence. We partnered with clergy, medical centers, and community organizations to reach as wide an audience as possible. This input and support was invaluable and helped us gain insight into local issues.

Exhibitions included:

Schwitzer Gallery at the Circle City Industrial Arts Complex

Martin Luther King Community Center

Noblesville City Hall

Phoenix Theatre

Broad Ripple Art Walk

Indianapolis Central Library


We collaborated with schools and public institutions to create free programming and engage communities on relevant topics and ones that are often overlooked in the gun violence conversation.

Discussions included:

The Untold Stories of Gun Violence

The Impact of Noblesville

Suicide and Access to Guns

How the Arts Scene is Responding to Gun Violence

University High School Presentation: Finding Your Calling

Meet the Photographer

In order to promote our events, we developed a marketing plan consisting of outdoor advertising, targeted social posts, and community outreach. A website was developed to serve as a home for all of our content... providing more detail on the stories presented but a calendar of events and action steps as well.